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AI.Geolabs focuses on higher and professional life-long geospatial learning. We thrive to create an environment and community that is passionate about learning and producing results. In addition to the courses, our biggest goal is to build a powerful community that can contribute to creating useful geospatial products and services that can bring positive changes to local communities, and thus improve sustainable development.


While there are no clear-cut solutions, business as usual, is not an option. Now more than ever, we need to harness our collective efforts to combat or reduce the impact of the climate crisis through collaborations with governments, corporations, civil society, youth, and academia. At AI.Geolabs, we invite you to a collaborative and lifelong learning experience where you can contribute to real sustainable development. We do not pretend to have the solutions and the answers. However, we believe that geospatial information and technology offer valuable insights, which can reduce the impact of climate change.

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At AI.Geolabs, we offer self-paced learning online courses and workshops. All the courses can be downloaded so that you can work at your own pace.

We also offer onsite course programs or training workshops for groups (from 5 to 12 participants) within an organization. The course or training programs can be customized to meet your needs.

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